Forming Segment Manger Destry Kenning on Choosing the Right Release Agent in Concrete Facts Magazine!

In part 2 of his 4-part series, Destry covers how to achieve the best results from your formwork by choosing the right release agent. It goes way beyond which standalone product is best. How, when and on what you apply it are all things to consider in choosing the best product for the job. Read "Matching Form Release Agents to Application Methods" in the Fall 2018 issue of Concrete Facts magazine!

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Check out Destry's latest article right away and also have a look at Alumi-Nox R to reduce build-up and improve appearance! Then, to see what Nox-Crete can do to help you achieve smooth forms, contact Destry at or 402-504-9232.

Nox-Crete Goes Bronco Blue

bronco blue

Nox-Crete was proud to go Bronco Blue with a custom order of Acryl Pen. Our lab technician and colorist collaborated on the exterior concrete stain to match the widely recognized blue turf at Boise State's Albertson's Stadium. A match was crucial since the concrete to be treated would lead right up to field fondly referred to as "The Blue".  Other Nox-Crete team members worked together to rush this product off to the folks at Boise State and our sales rep later reported we had happy customers. Happy customers are always the goal and we're proud to have played a small role in outfitting Boise State's stadium in Bronco Blue.

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Decorative Segment Manager Marty O’Mara Covers Acrylic Sealers in Concrete Contractor Magazine!

To help decorative hardscapes maintain their appearances for years to come, you need to seal them. This is where acrylic sealers for decorative hardscapes are so useful. There are a lot of options out there but acrylic sealers make great choices for exterior decorative surfaces. Our Decorative Market Segment Manager Marty O'Mara can help you learn what to look for when making your selection. See Marty's full article, "To Seal and Protect: Preserving Decorative Hardscapes" in the Aug/Sept issue of Concrete Contractor magazine!

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Once you've learned all about solvent-based acrylic sealers, check out Natraseal and Sparkl-Seal for your decorative hardscapes.

Recent Growth at Nox-Crete Corporate

Nox-Crete Corporate

Under a clear blue July sky in Omaha, NE semi-trailers with oversized loads lined the street near the Nox-Crete corporate headquarters. Each carried a key element in new efficiencies coming to the Nox-Crete plant; four 20,000 gallon storage tanks in all. Throughout the afternoon, a crane carefully lowered these tanks into place with Nox-Crete operations team members keeping close supervision.

Trucks lining the street, ready to deliver the new storage tanks.

Increased Storage Capabilities

All together, Nox-Crete has added the following:

• Four 20,000 gallon tanks outside for raw material storage for petroleum-based products
• Four 3,000 gallon tanks inside the plant; two are reactor tanks for production and two are for storage
• Ten 1,500 gallon tanks inside the plant for raw material storage
• Two 1,800 gallon tanks inside the plant for raw material storage

Additional upgrades include an updated tank level monitoring system and new processing equipment that will help to achieve higher quality products and materials savings for the forming and tilt-up market segments.

This tank is about to go up and over!

The team adjusts the tank to its final resting spot before the crane releases it.

“These new tanks will increase storage capacity, free up plant space and increase production and efficiency,” says Operations Manager Eric Hansen. “We’ll be able to produce more and the expanded storage that makes the materials more readily available gives us greater flexibility.”

Space for a Growing Team

Expanded capabilities in the plant are a great step forward but the growth doesn’t end there. In order to facilitate the addition of new team members and allow for reorganization of people by function, it was necessary to renovate and repurpose an existing space within the office. Refurbishing the existing space means saying good-bye to decades-old decor that is out of sync with the more modern areas.

Where 3 carpet-walled cubicles used to live, 6 sleek, modern cubicles now reside.

“The renovated space was previously used primarily for storage and a couple of workspaces which were ill-suited for their uses,” says CFO Lori Reid. “The space now contains six cubicles, one private office and one conference room. The dark wood panel walls, cubical walls with carpet and linoleum floor with decades of history are gone. Sleek, modern cubicles that bring greater functionality to the room and make smarter use of the space are in their place.”

Right down to the door knobs, extra steps were taken to make the new offices match the originals.

Contractors renovating this new office space were careful to maintain the integrity of the historic building. The new glass panel doors with overhead windows are indistinguishable from those on the original offices in the building. The contractor even scoured local rummage shops to find doorknobs that matched the others in the building.

Everything is in place to increase storage and accommodate more team members. That puts Nox-Crete in a great position to continue providing superior products and excellent service.

Tilt-Up Market Manager Tom Bozzano Talks PVC Reveals in Tilt-Up Today Magazine!

Are you still using wood reveals to create decorative details in your tilt-up panels? Nox-Crete's Tilt-Up Market Segment Manager Tom Bozzano has a lot to say on why you should consider switching to PVC reveals such as Clean Line Reveal. Clean Line Reveal won the 2018 Most Innovative Products at the World of Concrete. PVC reveals are durable, easy to install, easy to remove and produce a clean release and uniform finish. See Tom's article, "The Advantages of PVC Reveals in Decorative Tilt-Up" in Tilt-Up Today magazine!

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Read up on the benefits of PVC reveals and then reach out to Tom with any questions. You can reach Tom at or 402-598-8673.