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Vegetable Oil-Based Architectural Form Release Agent

Vegetable oil-based, biodegradable and environmentally-friendly form release agent provides smooth, uniform concrete surfaces.

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Bio-Nox VS is a vegetable-oil-based form release agent that maximizes appearance of concrete surfaces. The environmentally friendly composition is usable on all form types, including those sensitive to petroleum or other oil-based products. Bio-Nox VS chemically reacts with concrete to produce a slippery soap-like film that prevents concrete from bonding to form surfaces.

When properly used, Bio-Nox VS provides a smooth, uniform concrete surface with no release agent staining, while aiding in the reduction of pinholes and bugholes. Additionally, Bio-Nox VS reduces form cleaning and maintenance costs.

Due to its vegetable oil-based composition, Bio-Nox VS is ideal for use where environmental and occupational issues are of the utmost importance, but cold weather conditions or project requirements do not allow for a water-based product. The gentle formulation reduces the likelihood of skin or odor irritations that can occur with petroleum-based release agents.


• On most smooth, clean form surfaces such as PSF, HDO and MDO overlaid plywood forms, bare plywood and plywood faced modular forms, steel, plastic and fiberglass forms

• On many rubber and plastic form liners

• Where environmental and occupational issues are of the utmost importance, such as enclosed precast operations or enclosed building sites

Advantages of this Vegetable Oil-Based Form Release Agent

• Storable outside in cold weather

• Readily biodegradable – complies with OECD 301 and OPPTS 835.3110

• Free from wax, mineral oil, diesel oil or kerosene

• Fast drying

• Far less likely to cause release agent related concrete retardation

• Crisp, positive release

• Reduces form cleaning and maintenance costs because forms become self-cleaning with continued use

• Reduces likelihood of skin or odor irritations such as those that can occur with petroleum based release agents

• Less sensitive to application rate variations than other chemically active form release agents

• Non-hazardous composition

• Usable in most situations where form stripping and repouring occurs within 24 hours

• Concrete is free of residue and natural bonding characteristics of paints, plasters, mortars and other coatings are not affected under proper application

• Applicable to damp surfaces

• Green Engineered™ to be better for health and the environment

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