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Stain Blocking Film for Joint Filler Installation

Protective barrier film prevents staining caused by overfill during joint filler installation.

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Clean Shave is a stain blocker for joint filler installation. It forms a clear, thin, protective barrier film that prevents staining caused by epoxy and polyurea joint material overfill during joint filler installation. This protective barrier also helps to minimize joint filler chatter, making the joint filler shaving process much smoother and faster. Clean Shave easily washes away with water when the joint filling process is completed.


• Most concrete floors, including integrally colored concrete, polished concrete and also acid stained concrete

• On the shoulders of construction joints or saw-cut crack control joints

• Ideal in all applications where discoloration resulting from joint filler overflow is unacceptable

Advantages of this Stain Blocker for Joint Filler Installation

• Meets all federal and state VOC requirements

• Eliminates concrete staining caused by epoxy and polyurea joint filler overfill

• Creates a smooth film which reduces chatter during the joint shaving process

• Reduced chatter allows for faster, easier shaving of joint filler excess

• Cleaner final cut appearance of the joint filler material

• Prevents concrete surface staining caused by flexible polyurethane sealants

• Green Engineered™ in order to be better for health and the environment

• Easily removed with water

• Tools also clean easily with water

• Low odor and low VOC

• Do not use Clean Shave in conjunction with water based joint filler or joint sealant materials. Use care to prevent film application, runoff or overspray from getting inside the joint as this can interfere with the proper bonding of the joint filler material.

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