Epoxy and Aggregate Broadcast Systems

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Pigmented, Epoxy Resinous Flooring System

Provides water-tight installations for environments subject to wetting or spillage.

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Additional Details

Dauercast SQ, a pigmented epoxy resin aggregate flooring system, is ideal for use in kitchens, food processing areas, industrial floors, rest rooms and more. Dauercast SQ produces a seamless, high-impact flooring system with an integral cove base. Includes the broadcast application of a quartz aggregate with a pigmented, epoxy resin binder and top coat. Dauercast SQ provides excellent chemical, abrasion and slip resistance with a customized pigmented, decorative appearance.


  • Laboratories, rest rooms, institutions, kitchens, food processing areas, industrial areas, swimming pool perimeters, kennels and more
  • Use where environment prohibits use of systems with significant solvent content irrespective of VOC compliance
  • If coating performance objectives require the strength, adhesion, and chemical resistance of epoxy resins as well as the abrasion and wear resistance of quartz
  • When coating aggregate loading objectives require use of particulate sizes for wear or anti-skid purposes
  • Where high solids, non-shrinking coating/topping compounds with minimal solvent odor are required for resurfacing rough or worn floors and also when prompt resumption of use is required
  • For providing new smooth wearing surfaces in thin sections
  • In environments requiring USDA and/or FDA approval such as supermarkets, restaurants and food processing operations
  • In overlaying minor crazing and shrinkage cracks

Advantages of this Pigmented Epoxy Resin Aggregate Flooring System

  • Minimizes resin environmental sensitivity during application
  • Results in easy, minimal maintenance
  • Provides abrasion and also wear resistance
  • Excellent product storage stability, easy mixing and application
  • Available in 8 basic colors
  • For industrial use only
  • Essentially solvent free composition eliminates "solvent substrate strike" as well as film bubbling caused by subsequent solvent escape