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Water-Based Stripper Specifically for Duro-Polish

Specially designed to remove synthetic polymer floor polish.

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Additional Details

Duro-Polish Stripper is a unique water-based floor stripper for Duro-Polish. This formula is especially for removing the synthetic polymer floor polish. Duro-Polish Stripper chemically “unzips” the Duro-Polish polymer molecule, allowing it to be quickly and easily removed from the floor surface.


  • For use on any substrate that has been previously treated with Duro-Polish

Advantages of this Floor Stripper for Duro-Polish

  • Water based.
  • 100% biodegradable.
  • Low odor.
  • Dilutable with water.
  • Returns concrete to its original appearance prior to application of Duro-Polish.

Always mix Duro-Polish Stripper well before use. To dilute with water prior to use, mix 1 part Duro-Polish Stripper by volume with 2-3 parts volume of water. Typically, light applications of Duro-Polish are removable using a dilution ration of 1 part Duro-Polish Stripper to 3 parts water. Applications of several heavy coats of Duro-Polish may require using Duro-Polish Stripper with no dilution. Apply Duro-Polish Stripper with a mop, floor scrubbing machine or a low pressure hand sprayer such as the Nox-Crete Perfect Form and Concrete Sprayer. Following application, we recommend scrubbing the floor with a floor scrubbing machine using 3M Black Stripper Pad 1200 or 3M Black High Productivity Stripper Pad 7300. Rinse clean with water and squeegee dry.

Protect Duro-Polish from freezing and verify product is within the "use by" date state on the product packaging. Do not use expired product. Duro-Polish Stripper has a 2-year shelf life.