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Water-Based Epoxy Resin Concrete Primer

Improves adhesion of coatings to incompletely or poorly consolidated substrates.

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Additional Details

Apply concrete primer Prime 40E to most smooth, dense substrates to improve adhesion and resulting film integrity of subsequently applied high performance coatings. Prime 40E is not alkaline saponifiable and provides excellent chemical and physical consolidation of, and bonding to, concrete, masonry and other substrates. This product is applicable to damp (not surface wet) substrates.

Prime 40E Improves Adhesion:

• Of coatings to incompletely or poorly consolidated substrates that evidence low tensile strengths.

• Of polyurethanes and other coating systems that typically evidence low adhesive strengths to most substrates and particularly to concrete and masonry.

• And durability of coating systems under conditions that may require application to damp or incompletely dry surfaces.

• Where substrate cleaning, and/or preparation may be marginal.

• And durability of alkaline sensitive coatings to concrete and masonry.

Additional Applications

• Minimizes coating film bubbling due to solvent strike into substrate and/or air migration from substrate.

• Where top coating schedules require wider windows than obtainable with conventional primers.

• When solvent odors resulting from solvent based primers are not acceptable.

• Where primer application must not involve substantial release of solvents.

• On substrates that are sensitive to the aromatic and/or oxygenated solvents typically employed in solvent-based epoxy or other resin primers.

Advantages of this Concrete Primer

• Prime 40E's polymeric design provides superior adhesive strength and chemical resistance as compared to most epoxy primers. It's low viscosity permits easy application and ready penetration of substrates. The proprietary chemical cure method Prime 40E employs provides good product storage stability, and application without concern as to incorporation of moisture laden air.

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