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Chemically-active, multi-purpose, water-based concrete form release agent.

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Pro-Release Plus is an economical, water-based, general purpose concrete form release agent. By combining chemically-active and barrier-type components, performance is therefore improved with most concrete mix designs. These mix designs include those with pozzolans such as fly ash or blast furnace slag.

Pro-Release Plus is available as a concentrate or in a water-based, ready-to-use formulation. For colder climates, add a Winter Guard™ additive. This additive consequently allows Pro-Release Plus to be stored at temperatures below 25° F.

Pro-Release Plus concentrate has a variable dilution rate. Therefore, users can maximize the release agent’s performance depending on concrete mix design, stripping schedule and weather conditions.


  • Use Pro-Release Plus on steel and fiberglass in precast applications, low-cost overlaid import plywood, curb and gutter forms, plastic and plywood faced handset forms.
  • Also use in commercial and residential concrete forming applications.


Advantage of this Water-Based Release Agent 

  • Economical alternative to higher cost specialty-type form release agents. These products have cost-per-gallon considerations which outweigh performance requirements.
  • Chemical and barrier components provide improved release for most concrete mix designs. This includes mixes containing pozzolans such as fly ash or blast furnace slag.
  • Dries fast and as a result is not slippery.
  • Resists removal by normal rain showers.
  • Low odor, nonflammable, water-based formulation. Therefore, Pro-Release Plus is safe to use and meets all federal and state VOC requirements.
  • Green Engineered™ – as a result is better for health and the environment.
  • Available with Winter Guard™ additive for cold weather application and storage. With Winter Guard,™ Pro-Release Plus can be safely applied at temperatures above 25° F (-4° C) and can be stored at temperatures below 25° F (-4° C). This can be done without damaging the emulsion.
  • Available as Pro-Release Plus Concentrate which can be easily diluted with water, kerosene or fuel oil.  This consequently provides excellent emulsion stability.
  • When mixed with water, Pro-Release Plus Concentrate components stay mixed longer.
  • Variable dilution rate allows user the freedom to maximize Pro-Release Plus Concentrate performance.  Consider specific factors, for instance, concrete mix design, stripping schedule and weather conditions prior to dilution. Dilution can be achieved by simply adjusting the dilution mix ratio.
  • Pro-Release Plus Concentrate can also be used as a form maintenance coating. To soften concrete buildup on forms, simply reduce the dilution ratio.
  • Pro-Release Plus Concentrate will not freeze unless diluted with water.