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Solvent-based horizontal and vertical silane sealer from Nox-Crete.

Ready-to-use formula penetrates deep into concrete and masonry where it chemically reacts with siliceous materials to form a hydrophobic barrier to prevent the absorption of water and waterborne chloride ions. STIFEL 100 has a small molecular structure allowing it to move through concrete pores and penetrate deep, up to 1/2 inch or more.

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Solvent-based, Transparent, Breathable Silane Sealer


  • Use on concrete parking garages, driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, bridge decks, pool decks, patios, vertical concrete, masonry and more.
  • Protects reinforcing steel in concrete from corrosion due to the effects of water, deicing salts and other water borne chemicals.
  • Suitable for use on smooth concrete or exposed aggregate.
  • Suitable in precast, prestressed, and poured-in-place applications.
  • In lightweight and air entrained concrete.

Advantages of this Solvent Based Silane Sealer

  • Silane penetrates deep into substrate in order to achieve a high level of water and chloride screening.
  • Protects against the damaging effects of water intrusion, deicing chemicals and also exposure to freeze/thaw conditions.
  • Breathable to allow interior moisture to escape without damaging sealer.
  • Colorless, non-staining, non-yellowing - does not alter the natural appearance of concrete's surface.
  • Protects without altering the appearance or texture of the treated surface.
  • Chemical reactions with the capillaries form long-lasting water repellent groups that crosslink to minimize water intrusion.
  • As a water repellent, helps to protect from damage caused by chloride ion intrusion in order to extend the life of the treated surfaces.
  • Leaves no residue on non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal frames or painted surfaces.
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