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Exterior concrete stain and sealer for horizontal surfaces

High performance pigmented exterior concrete stain and sealer for horizontal surfaces. Breathable to allow vapor transmission and prevent peeling or chalking.

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Exterior concrete stain, Acryl-Pen is a penetrating, high-performance, pigmented, light-stable sealer and stain specifically for exterior horizontal surfaces.

Available Formulations:

Acryl-Pen 400
Acryl-Pen 600

Also available in 11 standard colors. Custom colors are available. Call us for details.

Enliven exterior concrete with brilliant color as well as lasting protection with Acryl-Pen, a premier stain and sealer for broom-finished or textured concrete. Due to its unique silane formulation, Acryl-Pen penetrates invisible micro-pores, macro-pores and surface cracks to chemically react with concrete. In addition, the chemical bond created by the reaction provides long-lasting color and protection that will not fade, chalk or flake

The patented silane formulation also gives Acryl-Pen outstanding water repellency, and treated surfaces are protected from abrasion, delamination, freeze/thaw damage and staining from food and oil.

Also, Acryl-Pen comes in 11 standard colors, and custom colors are available.

Acryl-Pen applications

• Primarily designed for exterior applications
• Beautify and seal pedestrian walkways, balconies, plaza decks and entryways
• Ideal on sporting arena concourses, walkways and ramps
• Exterior food preparation areas to prevent food staining and facilitate cleanup
• Exterior shopping mall and food courts to beautify, seal and protect

Advantages of this exterior concrete stain

• Silane chemistry allows maximum penetration into micro-pores
• Provides rich color for exterior concrete surfaces
• Protects concrete surfaces from abrasion, delamination, cracking and freeze/thaw damage
• Protects concrete surfaces from food or oil stains
• Penetrates and bonds permanently with concrete
• Will not fade, chalk or flake
• Protects deep within substrate surfaces where it's not subject to early failure due to weather, traffic or other abrasive mechanisms
• Allows precise color application to put detailed designs in effect
• Breathable and therefore allows water vapor transmission
• Minimal surface film accumulation
• Incorporate a non-slip additive for increased slip-resistance

A $50 HazMat fee will be applied to orders of Acryl-Pen and Acryl-Pen LVOC to cover hazardous freight costs.

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