Floor Joint Fillers

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Clean Shave

Stain Blocking Film for Joint Filler Installation

Protective barrier film prevents staining caused by overfill during joint filler installation.

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Dynaflex 502

semi-rigid joint filler

100% Solids, Epoxy/Polyurethane Semi-Rigid Joint Filler for Concrete Floors

Semi-rigid epoxy with 1:1 mix ratio for saw cut or control joints. Cures quickly and can be shaved within 12-24 hours without heat.

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Dynaflex JF-85

industrial concrete joint filler

100% Solids, Polyurea Semi-Rigid Industrial Concrete Joint Filler

Fast-setting industrial concrete joint filler with convenient, flexible shave window of 2-24 hours.

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front view of Joint Shield

Temporary Joint Filler for Concrete Slabs

***Sold only in 8ft. (2.4m) Strips with 100 Strips per box.


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temporary joint filler for concrete

Temporary Joint Filler for Concrete Slabs

Flexible temporary joint filler for concrete slabs prevents concrete “fins” on tilt-up panels.

**Sold only in roll lengths of 520 LF (158.5m)

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