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Concentrated Aluminum Form Release Agent

This aluminum concrete form release agent is concentrated with a variable dilution rate (as high as 1:6) to maximize product performance and your cost savings.

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Alumi-Con is an economical, super concentrated concrete form release agent that chemically reacts with alkalis in concrete to form a slick soap film that prevents form sticking and concrete buildup on aluminum form surfaces. It increases form longevity while ensuring poured concrete meets industry and aesthetic standards.

You'll love how Alumi-Con is customizable to match each project's needs. Water, kerosene or fuel oil can be used to dilute the agent, and Alumi-Con's variable dilution gives you freedom to maximize product performance in any scenario.

Alumi-Con works on new or previously used, seasoned aluminum forms. It's ideal for projects utilizing hand-set or crane-set aluminum wall forms.


• Use on new or previously used, seasoned aluminum forms

• Ideal for use on hand-set and crane-set aluminum wall forms

• Use on both smooth-faced and brick pattern aluminum forms

Advantages of this concentrated form release agent

• Economic alternative to higher-cost petroleum-based form release agents

• Dries fast and is not slippery

• Resists removal by rain showers

• Will not freeze unless diluted with water

• Low-odor - contains no fuel oil

• Outstanding emulsion stability when diluted with water

• Nonflammable

• Green Engineered™ when diluted with water to be better for health and the environment

• Meets all federal and state VOC requirements

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