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Ultra-Low VOC Curing and Sealing Compound

Ultra-low VOC, solvent-based, non-yellowing, copolymer-acrylic, concrete curing, sealing and dustproofing compound

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Our Cure & Seal HG 100 and Cure & Seal LG 100 options are designed as ultra-low VOC, solvent-based, non-yellowing, copolymer-acrylic, concrete curing, sealing and dustproofing compound available in High-Gloss or Low-Gloss versions.

Applied to freshly placed and finished concrete surfaces, CURE & SEAL 100 creates a vapor seal that retains moisture for proper curing. Also provides early rainfall protection and resistance to abrasion and staining.

Cure & Seal 100 was developed to meet the VOC requirements of all 50 states within the US and throughout all of Canada. Designed for easy application, minimizing common errors that can occur when applying traditional low VOC products, such as bubbles or whiting. Apply this product with a brush, roller or sprayer.

When applied properly, Cure & Seal 100 creates a vapor seal that retains moisture for proper curing and dries to a dust- and tack-proof state in as little as 30 minutes, quickly providing protection from light rainfall, scuffing and foot traffic. Apply this product to freshly placed concrete or use it as a high-gloss, sealer on existing surfaces.


• Use as a cure on freshly placed concrete.
• Use as a sealer/dustproofer on both new and existing concrete surfaces.
• Can be used on plain grey colored concrete or decorative colored concrete.
• Can be used on textured, stamped and exposed aggregate concrete surfaces.


• Ultra-low VOC solvent-based formulation complies with all Federal, State, Provincial and regional VOC regulations in the United States and Canada.
• Application-friendly and allows more working time to uniformly roll or spread across the surface.
• Complies with ASTM C 309, Type 1, Class A & B and, AASHTO M 148, Type 1, Class B. Compliant with USDA requirements for incidental food contact.
• Product will not gel when exposed to freezing temperatures.
• Ensures sufficient retention of mix water for at least 72 hours, allowing concrete to develop maximum strength, density and surface hardness.
• Prevents surface crazing and cracking.
• Typically dries to a tack free state within one hour and quickly provides protection from rainfall, scuffing and foot traffic.
• Reduces final clean-up cost by protecting concrete from oil, grease and food spills, as well as mortar or drywall compound discoloration or staining.
• Second applications, after final clean-up, beautify concrete appearance with a greater sheen and reduce after-occupancy maintenance costs.
• Protects subsequent applications of carpeting from attack by alkaline salts.
• Compatible with many adhesives used for resilient floor tile coverings, and striping tape.
• Can be applied to driveways, sidewalks and garage floors as an anti-spalling compound providing resistance to destructive chemical deicing salts.
• Treated surfaces are readily recoatable when necessary without sanding or scarification.

Available Versions:
Cure & Seal HG 100 (High Gloss) - 5 Gal. Pail
Cure & Seal LG 100 (Low Gloss) - 5 Gal. Pail