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High Performance, Architectural Grade, Epoxy/Polyurethane Copolymer Flooring System

Forms an extremely hard, dense, virtually impermeable surface.

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Dauergrout E is an extremely tough, high-strength, chemical and abrasion-resistant epoxy polyurethane flooring system ideal for patching, grouting, reprofiling and topping concrete floors. When fully cured and sealed, Dauergrout E forms a dense,impermeable surface. Dauergrout E achieves this by combining several types of graded, angular shaped aggregates that, when trowelled, lay down like platelets to eliminate voids and maximize surface density.

Dauergrout E is effective for use on horizontal, vertical and overhead patching.


• Patch, reprofile or overlay damaged, erroded or pitted concrete floor surfaces

• Reprofile saw-cut crack control joint shoulders

• Anchor bolts, base plates, railings, dowels, reinforcing steel, pipes, electrical fixtures and equipment into concrete

• Patching in horizontal, vertical and overhead applications for precast panels, tilt-up panels, beams, columns, floor slabs, ramps and stairways

• Quick structural repair of popouts caused by corrosion of reinforcing steel

• Environments requiring USDA and/or FDA approval such as food handling facilities, hospitals, supermarkets, correctional institutions, food processing and packaging operations

Advantages of this Epoxy Polyurethane Copolymer Flooring System

• Produces exceptionally hard-wearing, smooth, non-dusting surface which resists chemical and solvent attack, thermal induced stress failures, UV sunlight induced oxidation and damage from high abraision

• Rejuvenates, beautifies and protects concrete and reduces maintenance requirements

• Superior performance and more resistant to delamination than conventional epoxy and polyurethane grout flooring products due to its resilient copolymer design

• Meets federal and state VOC requirements

• Dramatically increases concrete longevity

• Feather-edge is possible without sacrificing adhesion

• Cost effective alternative where curing conditions and/or weight limitations prevent using concrete or latex modified concrete

• Maintains excellent substrate adhesion even when exposed to exterior freeze/thaw cycles

• Green Engineered™ in order to be better for health and the environment