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100% Solids, Polyurea Semi-Rigid Industrial Concrete Joint Filler

Fast-setting industrial concrete joint filler with convenient, flexible shave window of 2-24 hours.

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Dynaflex JF-85 is a fast-setting, tough, semi-rigid, two component, 100% solids, polyurea, industrial concrete joint filler with a Shore A Hardness of 85. Dynaflex JF-85 is specifically formulated to support heavy loads without deflection, protecting joint edge shoulders from potential spalling. This joint filler is ideal for environments with frequent forklift use, as it supports and absorbs high-impact wheel traffic.

Dynaflex JF-85’s factory proportioned mixing ratio eliminates potential measuring errors and removes a step from the process, allowing projects to function more efficiently. There's a reduction in waiting time, too, because Dynaflex JF-85 sets fast and shaving can take place as early as 2 hours after installation.


• To protect saw-cut crack-control joint edge shoulders from forklift damage

• Interior warehouses, distribution centers, convention centers, arenas, grocery and retail stores with exposed concrete

• Highly suitable for use in high traffic areas where maximum impact resistance and joint edge shoulder protection is required

• In refrigerated or freezer environments

• To fill keyed or doweled construction joints and repair cracks or small joint edge fractures

Advantages of this Industrial Concrete Joint Filler

• Specifically formulated to support heavy loads without deflection, protecting joint edge shoulders from fractures (spalls)

• Supports and absorbs high impact wheel traffic from forklifts as well as carts, preventing joint edge stress

• Combines high shore hardness (85A) with good elongation (500%)

• Easy-to-use, factory proportioned mixing ratio

• Sets fast and overall is tack-free in less than 5 minutes

• Flexible shave window - as early as 2 hours after installation

• Overfilled joint filler leaves little to no staining or residue

• Prevents joint contamination and facilitates floor clean-up

• Excellently resistant to most common industry chemicals

• Meets all federal and state VOC requirements

• Compliant with USDA regulations

Green Engineered™ in order to be better for health and the environment

A $50 HazMat fee applies to orders of this product to cover hazardous freight costs.