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Best Clear Decorative Concrete Sealer

Solvent-based, clear decorative concrete sealer formulated for maximum working time.

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Natraseal LVOC is a breathable, solvent-based, non-yellowing, transparent acrylic copolymer decorative concrete sealer, blended for maximum working time and easy application.

The clear sealer minimizes common errors that can occur when applying traditional sealers, such as bubbles or whiting. Natraseal LVOC has longer working time than traditional 25% solids sealers and can be applied with a brush, roller or sprayer.

This new generation sealer uses top quality resins and a solvent blend in order to penetrate deep into the concrete surface for enhanced breathability and less "capping off" of the pores. Combined with UV inhibitors, Natraseal LVOC minimizes potential whitening or yellowing.

Natraseal LVOC meets all Canadian and U.S. VOC requirements, except California SCAQMD regions.

Before applying Natraseal LVOC, remove existing sealers with Nox-Crete’s Deco-Strip, Deco-Peel or Deco-Peel CPC, and in Canada, use Aro-Peel.

Applications for Natraseal LVOC

  • Seal, waterproof and protect all types of horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Beautify and protect stamped concrete, acid stained concrete, integrally colored concrete, exposed aggregate and cementitious overlays
  • Anti-graffiti coating to protect concrete surfaces from by and large most aerosol spray paints

Advantages of this Decorative Concrete Sealer

  • Great choice for users with minimal application experience
  • Application-friendly formula consequently allows for more working time to apply
  • Penetrates deep for enhanced breathability and less 'capping off' of the pores
  • UV inhibitors maximize resistance to ultra-violet degradation as a result from the sun
  • When properly applied, product is far less likely to turn white than traditional clear sealers
  • High-gloss finish for exceptional appearance of decorative concrete surfaces
  • Minimizes efflorescence on decorative concrete surfaces
  • Reduces final clean-up costs by protecting concrete from oil, grease and chemical spills
  • Protects from damage of water, deicing salts and acid rain
  • Minimizes spalling due to moisture absorption and freeze/thaw related damage
  • Natraseal LVOC meets all Canadian and U.S. VOC requirements, except California SCAQMD regions
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