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Water Repellent Concrete Sealer and Stain for Exterior Vertical Surfaces

Breathable, pigmented, long-lasting alternative to high-build, textured coatings.

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Nox-Carb is a breathable, pigmented, water repellent concrete stain and sealer for exterior vertical concrete surfaces as well as masonry surfaces.

Nox-Carb combines a low molecular weight, non-yellowing, methyl methacrylate acrylic polymer, a deep-penetrating water repellent silane and finely-ground, inorganic pigment particles designed to stain, seal and protect unpainted, porous exterior concrete surfaces in Tilt-up, DOT, Civil and Precast construction projects. Nox-Carb provides a satin finish that masks minor substrate imperfections (additional texturing additives are available for increased masking), is self-cleaning with rain, will not flake or peel and is resistant to fading. Available in multiple colors as well as infinite custom colors and is available with a 10-year warranty.

Its formulation includes 100% methyl methacrylate acrylic resin and a patented silane for significantly enduring color and outstanding water repellency. Made from the best construction chemicals in the construction market. Penetrating formulation ensures a long-lasting bond and creates a hydrophobic barrier that is not affected by weathering, salts, dirt, UV light, freezing temperatures and wind-driving rain. The silane formulation allows Nox-Carb to penetrate concrete’s invisible micro-pores in order to chemically bond with the substrate to beautify the surface and provide long term protection from water and chloride ion absorption.


• Specifically designed to protect and beautify vertical cast-in-place, tilt-up and precast concrete and masonry surfaces
• On smooth face, broken face and fractured fin concrete blocks to reduce moisture absorption such as that from wind-driven rain
• On Concrete sound barrier walls, interstate median barriers, bridge beams, columns, abutments and slope paving to protect against water and deicing salt related chloride ion absorption
• In protecting exposed vertical concrete and masonry surfaces from water and deicing salt induced corrosion of reinforcing steel and freeze/thaw related scaling damage


• Contains a patented, low molecular weight, water repellent silane additive specifically to minimize water and chloride ion absorption
• Penetrates to provide minimal surface film accumulation in addition to providing deep, long lasting protection and color
• Colors and brightens surfaces without adversely affecting moisture vapor transmission
• Available in 10 standard colors — custom colors available
• Provides excellent water resistance without impairing water vapor transmission characteristics
• Protects exterior concrete and masonry requiring maximum sealer resistance to ultraviolet induced color change, chalking, or rapid performance loss due to exposure
• Reduces the occurrence of efflorescence on all treated concrete and masonry
• Resists air pollutants, acid rain and carbon dioxide induced carbonation
• Reduces moisture absorption and chloride ion intrusion
• 10-Year performance warranty available

Ideal Exterior Applications:

• Tilt-Up Buildings
• Precast Buildings
• Restaurants
• Offices
• Schools
• Commercial buildings
• Industrial plants
• Manufacturing and fabrication facilities
• Warehouses
• Storage facilities and containers
• Grocery stores
• Vertical decorative concrete
• Vertical precast natural-stone hardscapes
• Bridges and Overpasses
• Road/Freeway and Interstate concrete sound barrier walls

Available Formulations:
Nox-Carb 600: Federal VOC Compliant
Nox-Carb 350: USEPA, AZ-MCAQMD, OTC I, OTC II, & Canada VOC Compliant

Optional Texture Additive:
50-Mesh Polypropylene Texture Additive: 1 Quart can per 5 gal

Nox-Carb is part of the Tilt-Up Partner Products System.

A $50 HazMat fee applies to orders of Nox-Carb LVOC to cover hazardous freight costs.