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Fast-Drying Tilt-Up Cure and Bondbreaker

Solvent based, fast-drying, chemically active cure and bondbreaker for tilt-up, lift slab, and precast construction

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Silcoseal EX Solvent based, fast-drying, chemically active cure and bondbreaker for tilt-up, lift slab, and precast construction

In contrast to most conventional cure and bondbreakers, SILCOSEAL EX does not contain any wax or hydrocarbon resins and, as a result, does not depend on a physical barrier deposited on top of the casting slab to prevent bonding.

Instead, SILCOSEAL EX is formulated with organic compounds which react chemically with excess limes present in the concrete surface to form metallic soaps which, when properly applied, eliminate wall panel sticking. Site cast wall panels separate easily and completely without the need for pry bars or wedges commonly used with membrane-forming bondbreakers.


Use as a cure and bondbreaker in tilt-up, lift slab and precast concrete construction when weather conditions do not allow for the use of water-based products

Use to cure the top side of tilt wall panels to prevent the formation of shrinkage cracks

Use as a cure only on all types of interior, smooth troweled concrete where the use of conventional resin-based curing compounds are impractical

Advantages of this Fast-Drying Tilt-Up Cure and Bondbreaker

Composed of exempt and low VOC solvents that allow it to be used in most markets where clean air regulations require the use of low VOC products

Functions as both cure and bondbreaker

Fast drying formulation is advantageous to use in cold and/or damp environments, compared to slower drying solvent-based or water-based alternatives, eliminating slippery conditions and providing a safer work surface

Performs superior to bondbreakers containing wax or hydrocarbon resin

Being chemically active and highly effective, SILCOSEAL EX supplies part of the reaction product necessary for clean separation and the concrete provides the remaining portion

Less product needed for application, which reduces time and cost, compared to hydrocarbon and resin or wax type bondbreakers

Is an excellent alternative when protection from the “osmotic effect” is not required

Achieves exceptional wall panel surface appearance

Leaves no residue or staining on wall panel or casting slab floor surfaces when properly applied

Achieves crisp, positive release that minimizes surface defects and reduces patching costs

Resists washoff from normal rain showers and dew when applied directly to previously uncoated concrete surfaces