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Water-Based Concrete Stain for Vertical and Horizontal Surfaces

Penetrates deep and chemically bonds with concrete and provides stain protection.

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Beautify exterior concrete surfaces with Versacryl, a water-based pigmented stain that contains methyl methacrylate and silane to offer brilliant color and protection. The methyl methacrylate and silane present in Versacryl have low molecular weights, allowing them to penetrate further into micro-pores. The result is a chemical bond far stronger than the physical bond formed by most other conventional stains, paints and coatings.

Versacryl is available in 11 standard colors, and custom colors are available upon request.


• Improve the aesthetic appearance of all interior, exterior, vertical and horizontal concrete.

• Beautify and protect balconies, patios, driveways, garage floors, entryways, pool decks, plaza decks and walkways.

• Seals, protects and improves the appearance of sporting arena concourses, walkways and ramps, and also exterior shopping centers and food courts.

• Color vertical concrete and masonry retaining walls, basement walls and also foundation walls.

Advantages of this Water-Based Concrete Stain

• Penetrates deep in order to chemically bond with concrete.

• Will not fade, chalk or peel.

• Low odor and therefore usable in occupied areas.

• Does not significantly alter concrete moisture vapor transmission rate.

• Allows maximum penetration into micro-pores

• Provides rich color for exterior concrete surfaces

• Protects concrete surfaces from from stain discoloration resulting from food spillage, automotive oil and grease drippings

• Creates a non-slip surface when you add Nox-Crete's non-slip additive.

• Cost effective alternative to integrally colored concrete.

• Dries fast and therefore minimizes time spent waiting between coats.

• Performs well on smooth troweled as well as rough finished concrete surfaces.

• Usable on vertical and also horizontal concrete.

• Available in 11 standard colors

• Meets all federal and state VOC requirements


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