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Aluminum Form Release Agent

Ready-to-use, aluminum forming release agent reduces spalling, bugholes and surface voids. For new seasoned or previously used aluminum forms.

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Alumi-Nox R is a ready-to-use, petroleum-based aluminum form release agent designed for maximum performance with aluminum forming and ideal for concrete mix designs containing chemical and mineral admixtures like fly ash or blast furnace slag. The release agent counteracts the affinity aluminum has for concrete through a mild chemical reaction with the oxidation products present on the aluminum surface. The result is a metallic soap which inhibits concrete adhesion.

When successfully used, Alumi-Nox R ensures attractive concrete appearance, reducing spalling, bugholes and surface voids.


• On new seasoned and previously used aluminum faced forms to facilitate removal from concrete and minimize form cleaning and maintenance

Advantages of this Aluminum Form Release Agent

• Petroleum based

• Reduces spalling, bugholes and surface voids

• Minimizes concrete buildup on form surfaces and panel edges

• Sprays easily at all temperatures

• Functions well with concrete mix designs that utilize chemical admixtures as well as mineral admixtures, such as fly ash and blast-furnace slag

• Available in formulations that meet all federal as well as state VOC requirements