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High solids, water-based, white-pigmented wax concrete curing compound.

Contains a highly reflective white pigment to reflect sunlight and keep concrete cool.

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City Cure - WW is a white pigmented wax concrete curing compound. Apply City Cure - WW to fresh concrete and it rapidly forms a moisture vapor-resistant membrane that maximizes water retention. The retained water improves cement hydration and increases concrete strength. Furthermore, a white pigment added to the formulation reflects the sun’s rays to keep the concrete surface cooler.


  • Commercial, horizontal, exterior concrete paving projects
  • City streets, driveways and also curbs
  • Airport paving projects, canal paving projects and parking lots
  • Sidewalks, walkways and other engineering projects requiring a white pigmented, wax based curing compound

Advantages of this White Pigmented Wax Concrete Curing Compound

  • Promotes retention of original mixing water during the early curing stages, allowing concrete to develop maximum strength, density and surface hardness
  • Minimizes plastic shrinkage cracking from excessive moisture loss, especially during hot and/or windy weather conditions
  • Increases concrete wear resistance
  • Improves concrete durability
  • Reduces concrete surface porosity
  • High reflectivity reduces concrete surface temperature
  • Meets all federal and state VOC requirements
  • Enhances cement hydration and also strengthens concrete
  • Sprays easily with power sprayer or hand pump sprayer
  • Green Engineered™ in order to be better for health and the environment
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