Freeze Protection

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concrete bonding agent

Acrylic Copolymer and Concrete Bonding Agent for precast, tilt-up and cast-in-place concrete

Minimizes shrinkage, increasing the durability and service life of delamination and spall repair mortars. Increases physical strength and bond strength of all portland cement based mortar and concrete.

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Bio-Clean Plus

Citrus-based concrete stripper with citrus and pine scent

Concentrated and biodegradable concrete stripper. Complies with Consumer Products VOC regulations when diluted 2:1.

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biodegradable form release agent

Architectural Form Release Agent

100% biodegradable form release agent free of conventional form oil, diesel oil or kerosene.

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concrete remover

Blast-Off Concrete Buildup and Splatter Remover

This product is non-corrosive and non-hazardous according to OSHA and federal DOT standards. It is safe to use for concrete removal on all surfaces.

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Blast-Off Neutralizer

blast-off neutralizer

Concentrated, alkaline based pH neutralizer, cleaner and wax

Neutralizes for safe disposal and also contains powerful detergents to remove grease and exhaust soot, as well as a synthetic wax to gloss up painted surfaces.

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Brick Release

clay fired brick form release agent

Clay Fired Brick Form Release Agent

Prevents the adhesion of concrete mortar to treated brick surfaces.

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curing compound

Silicate Based Curing Compound

Non-membrane forming, silicate based curing compound makes it simple to apply future coatings.

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City Cure – WW

white pigmented wax concrete curing compound

High solids, water-based, white-pigmented wax concrete curing compound.

Contains a highly reflective white pigment to reflect sunlight and keep concrete cool.

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Clean Shave

stain blocker for joint filler installation

Stain Blocking Film for Joint Filler Installation

Protective barrier film prevents staining caused by overfill during joint filler installation.

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Crete-Nox TA

Concrete Surface Retarder for Exposing Concrete

Allows production of decorative exposed aggregate surfaces without the critical time requirement of “wet wash”.

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Cure & Seal 100E & 150E

curing compound

Curing, Sealing and Dustproofing Compounds

Economical cure and seal with dustproofing compounds. Transparent, water-based copolymer-acrylic in varying solids amounts.

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Cure & Seal 1200 E

curing compound

Curing and Sealing Compound

High-performance, 10% solids, methyl methacrylate acrylic concrete curing and sealing compound to develop strength, density and surface hardness.

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Dauercast DQ

Transparent, Epoxy Resinous Flooring System

Provides seamless, water-tight installations.

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Dauerseal 30E

curing compound

Transparent, Epoxy Resin Sealer

High-gloss finish brightens workplace environments and beautifies substrates.

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Dauerseal 60E

curing compound

Pigmented Epoxy Coating and Sealer for Interior Concrete

Develops a smooth, glossy coating that colors and beautifies concrete and masonry surfaces.

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Maintenance coating

Maintenance Coating and Cleaning Compound

Softens existing buildup and prevents the adhesion of fresh concrete on equipment.

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