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Transparent Polyurethane Wood Form Sealer

Wood form sealer that produces consistently smooth concrete with uniform color and without wood grain telegraphing.

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Clear Pre-Form is a transparent, penetrative polyurethane wood form sealer that extends the life of plywood forms. It does this by reducing the absorption of alkaline bleed water. The wood sealer improves concrete surface appearance by preventing soluble wood sugar migration, which can cause concrete surface retardation. Ideal for use with dimensional lumber, plywood, wafer- wood, OSB, fiberboard and particle board concrete forms and rustication strips.

When properly used, Clear Pre-Form is a cost-effective alternative to overlaid plywood. This is particularly true when panel reuse doesn't justify cost of overlaid plywood, yet exceed reuse capabilities of plywood forms.

Applications for Clear Pre-Form

• Where panel reuse objectives do not justify cost of overlaid plywood yet exceed reuse capabilities of plyform

• On plywood and other wood forms to achieve consistently smooth, planar concrete with uniform color and without grain pattern telegraphing

• In single coat applications to preserve the natural texture of rough sawn or embossed boards/panels in order to minimize moisture uptake and swelling/warping, promote clean crisp release and permit extended reuse

• On form panels where concrete receives mechanical texturing (sand/water blast, brush hammer, etc. for example) to ensure uniform concrete density and strength

• To seal plain plywood in radius form applications where use of overlaid forms is not possible

• In tilt-up construction using wood form headers and chamfer and reveal strips and where prevention of wood sugar migration and grain transfer is critical

• In precast applications where form surface set retarders etch or expose concrete aggregate to consequently provide a uniform, nonabsorbent surface for retarder application

Advantages of this Wood Form Sealer

• Reduces form costs

• Minimizes rough, porous, excessively dusty concrete surfaces

• Ready to use given that it requires no dilution

• Meets all federal and state VOC requirements

• Rapid cure making it by and large tack free in 15 minutes at 70º F (20º C)

• Treat one side of panel to permit use of economical AC or BC exterior plywood in order to result in a surface that will outlast panel edges

A $50 HazMat fee applies to orders of this product to cover hazardous freight costs.