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Curing, Sealing and Dustproofing Compounds

Economical cure and seal with dustproofing compounds. Transparent, water-based copolymer-acrylic in varying solids amounts.

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Cure & Seal E is an economical cure and seal especially for use on freshly placed and finished concrete surfaces. It is a transparent, water-based, copolymer-acrylic with curing, sealing, and also dustproofing compounds.

Available Formulations:
Cure & Seal 100E

• 10% solids

• ASTM C 309, Type 1, Class A & B compliant

• AASHTO M 148, Type 1, Class B compliant

Cure & Seal 150E

• 15% solids

• ASTM C 309, Type 1, Class A & B compliant

• AASHTO M 148, Type 1, Class B compliant

Nox-Crete's water-based Cure & Seal E compounds are an economical, effective choice fro curing concrete and for providing a protective layer when concrete dries. Cure & Seal E creates a vapor seal that minimizes moisture loss from evaporation, allowing concrete to develop to maximize strength, density and surface hardness.

Cure & Seal E provides temporary construction protection from most oils, greases, common chemicals and mortar splashing. Additionally, secondary applications add shine to concrete surfaces and reduce maintenance costs.

Applications for Cure & Seal E

• Interim construction protection on freshly placed and finished concrete floors as well as freshly stripped concrete walls

• Concrete floors to be covered with carpeting to maximize dust formation and dry rot

• Under vinyl floor covering in order to improve adhesion of floor covering adhesives

• Interior applications requiring reduced odor or VOC content

• Manufacturing plants, distribution centers, warehouses, garages, basements, driveways, walkways, etc

 Advantages of this Economical Cure and Seal

• Meets all federal and state as well as Canadian VOC requirements

• Compliant with USDA requirements for incidental food contact

• Provides an economical, medium-gloss finish

• Minimizes concrete crazing and cracking

• Temporary construction protection from most oils, greases and common chemicals as well as from the adhesion of mortar splashings

• Compatible with most adhesives for resilient tile floor coverings as well as concrete paints

• Typically dust- and tack-free within 30-60 minutes

• Secondary applications beautify concrete with a lustrous sheen and also reduce maintenance costs

• Green Engineered™ in order to be better for health and the environment