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Dry-Cast Concrete Release Agent

Chemically active and physical barrier type, inherently biodegradable, concrete form release agent designed for use with dry-cast concrete.

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Dry cast concrete release agent, Dry-Cast Release, is a petroleum-based, combination chemically active and physical barrier type form release agent. It positively prevents form binding as well as the accumulation of concrete buildup on form surfaces. Dry-Cast Release allows entrapped air to easily migrate along form surface during vibration, producing crisp, uniformly colored and void-free concrete.


• Dry-cast pipe head rings, spindles and also pallet rings

• Ideal for use in dip tank applications

• Provides exceptional results in steam-cured precast concrete applications

• Overlaid plywood, steel and also aluminum paver pallets

• Lastly, dry-cast block conveying systems and pallets

Advantages of this Dry Cast Concrete Release Agent

• Allows for easy removal of pallet and header ring, minimizing damage and related patching and repair.

• Crisp release greatly minimizes chipping on spigot (tongue) ends at gasket recess.

• Minimizes form cleaning and maintenance costs – pallets and headers become self-cleaning with continued use.

• Non-staining.

• Does not impair the natural bonding characteristics of lubricating agents used on the bell end.

• Economical price.

• Inherently biodegradable.

• Green Engineered™ in order to be better for health and the environment.

• Sprayable down to 0° F (-18° C) liquid temperature.