Burnished Concrete Liquid Floor Hardeners/Densifiers

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Lithium Silicate Liquid Floor Hardener/Densifier

Applies easily and is safer on colors and less reactive than Duro-Nox LS.

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This lithium silicate liquid floor hardener, Duro-Nox LSC, offers all the advantages of Duro-Nox, but with a lithium silicate formulation that eliminates the costly and environmentally damaging rinse removal step required with sodium silicate floor hardeners.

When Duro-Nox LSC chemically reacts with free limes present in concrete, calcium silicate hydrate gels are formed and become a permanent part of the floor. Treated floors have increased hardness and abrasion resistance. Additionally, floors treated with Duro-Nox LSC exhibit an attractive sheen that increases over time through routine maintenance and use.

Duro-Nox LSC is less reactive than Duro-Nox LS and safer on colored and diamond-ground, polished concrete.

Advantages of this Lithium Silicate Liquid Floor Hardener

• Increased resistance to damage from impact, wear and abrasion

• Reduces absorption of water, oil, dirt and grease

• Surfaces treated last longer, look better and cost less to maintain

• Requires no scrubbing or rinsing during application

• Duro-Nox LSC meets all federal and state VOC requirements

• Integral part of the Duro-Floor Color System

• Optional part of the Duro-Floor Classic System

• 20-year performance warranty available