Burnished Concrete Liquid Floor Hardeners/Densifiers

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Sodium Silicate Liquid Floor Hardener/Densifier

Quality floor densifier that hardens, seals, densifies and dustproofs new and existing concrete floors.

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By and large, this water-based floor densifier offers exceptional results. Duro-Nox is a traditional silicate concrete liquid floor hardener, sealer and densifier that offers premium performance and protection. Chemically active components in Duro-Nox’s formulation react with available free limes present in concrete in order to harden, seal, densify and dustproof new and existing concrete floors. Calcium silicate hydrate gels are formed and become a permanent part of the floor, in effect increasing abrasion resistance by up to 39% and increases surface hardness by up to 12%.

Duro-Nox reduces the porosity of concrete, therefore creating chemical resistance to most organic acids, alkalis, salts, foods, fats, oils and more. As a result, Duro-Nox provides permanent protection and develops an attractive, glossy sheen over time.

Finally, as a follow-up to Duro-Nox floor densifier, we recommend Duro-Polish for a high-gloss shine. Duro-Nox is part of the Duro-Floor Classic System.

Advantages of this Floor Densifier

• Increased resistance to damage from impact, wear and abrasion

• Suitable for areas with high volume of pedestrian or vehicular traffic

• Provides permanent protection to the depth of penetration

• Reduces absorption of water, oil, dirt and grease as a result of reduced porosity

• Densifies, strengthens, seals and dustproofs soft or dusty concrete floors

• Improves adhesion of line stripes, paints and coatings

• Green Engineered™ in order to be better for health and the environment

• Treated surfaces last longer, look better and ultimately cost less to maintain

• Water-based formulation meets all federal and state VOC requirements

• Complies with USDA requirements for incidental food contact

• 20-year performance warranty available

Duro-Nox Floor Densifier is Ideal for use in:

• Warehouses

• Distribution centers

• Large retail centers

• Office complexes

• Auditorium and sports centers

• Food processing plants

• Correctional facilities