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Synthetic Polymer Floor Polish with Stain Blocker

Immediate, ultra-high gloss and slip-resistant concrete floor polish with stain blocker 24-hour protection

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Concrete floor polish with stain blocker Duro-Polish Plus offers the same benefits of Duro-Polish with the added advantage of a stain-blocking additive. As a result of this additive, this polish provides stain protection from the most common stain-causing agents found in grocery stores, restaurants, warehouses and distribution centers. Duro-Polish Plus will not be stained or removed by hot dripping oil, making it ideal for use in food preparation areas.

Duro-Polish Plus is ideal for use on liquid silicate or siliconate hardened concrete floors because the unique polymer formulation penetrates deep into the small surface pores of hardened concrete to create a resilient finish resistant to wear from foot traffic or scrubbing.

Applications for Duro-Polish Plus

• All interior, smooth finished, liquid silicate or siliconate treated concrete floor surfaces to generate an immediate high gloss, non-slip and stain-resistant finish

• Protecting all high-cost integrally colored and plain colored concrete floors from absorption of spills that consequently result in unsightly stains

• Wholesale and retail warehouse and distribution centers, convention centers, stadium concourses, grocery stores, restaurants

Advantages of this Concrete Floor Polish with Stain Blocker

• Contains a stain-blocking additive offering significantly long-lasting protection

• 24-hour stain protection to the most common stain-causing agents

• Sustainable, ultra-high gloss finish without buffing

• Includes Teflon® additive especially for slip resistance

• Meets the static coefficient of friction requirements for ASTM D-2047

• Concentrated, economical formula is easy and safe to apply

• Gloss is scuff- and scratch-resistant

• Stands up to periodic dripping of hot oils so therefore ideal in food preparation areas

• Safe to use - water-based, low odor, no fumes

• VOC compliant in all states and Canada

• Optional part of the Duro-Floor Classic System