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UV Fade Protectant and Color Guard

Adds immediate gloss and protects color dyed floors from stains and fading.

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Part of the Duro-Color Floor system, Duro-Shield is a concrete floor polish and protectant that protects Duro-Color dyed surfaces from fading and stains while giving the surface an ultra-high gloss finish. The small molecular size as well as low molecular weight of Duro-Shield allows deep penetration, providing a very hard, high gloss, non-slip and stain resistant finish.

Duro-Shield contains unique stain blocking additives that chemically bond and penetrate concrete micro-pores, providing long-lasting stain resistance to most inorganic as well as organic contaminants found in food stores, restaurants, warehouses and distribution centers.

Powerful UV inhibitors in Duro-Shield protect Duro-Color dyes from fading caused by indirect exposure to sunlight.


  • New interior, existing or overlaid diamond polished concrete floors as a component part of the Duro-Floor Color System
  • In new and existing retail store applications requiring a decorative, low maintenance finished flooring system
  • Performs well in new and existing office applications as a replacement for tile or carpeting
  • Ideal in sporting arenas, convention centers, schools, institutional buildings, libraries, public buildings, grocery stores, clothing stores, electronic stores, restaurants, office buildings and also residential homes

Advantages of this Concrete Floor Polish and Protectant

  • Contains UV inhibitors in order to product dyed floors from fading
  • Includes Teflon® additive for slip resistance
  • Provides 24-hour stain protection to common stain-causing agents in warehouses and also retail spaces
  • Treated floors exhibit exceptional gloss
  • Requires no buffing
  • Ideal for use in food preparation areas
  • Resists scuffing as well as scratching
  • Retains high gloss under scrubbing
  • Applies and reapplies easily
  • Safe to use - water-based, low odor, no fumes
  • Meets all federal VOC requirements
  • Part of the Duro-Floor Color System