Duro-Floor Color System

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Complete End-to-End Concrete Floor Dye and Polish System

Includes Duro-Color dye concentrate, Duro-Nox LSC or Duro-Nox HSC liquid floor hardener and Duro-Shield UV fade and stain protection.

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Additional Details

The Duro-Floor Color System is a complete end-to-end concrete floor color system with everything you need to create beautiful decorative concrete floors. The system includes Duro-Color dye concentrate, Duro-Nox LSC & Duro-Nox HSC liquid floor hardener, sealer, and densifier, as well as Duro-Shield polish with UV inhibitors and stain blocking additives.

This 3-part system is designed specifically for use on diamond ground and polished concrete floors.

Advantages of this Concrete Floor Color System
  • Designed to be a sustainable flooring system with reduced environmental impact
  • Achieves vibrant floors with a high gloss finish
  • Minimizes fading and also reduces migration of dye particles
  • Will not etch concrete floor surfaces
  • Helps projects qualify for LEED® certification
  • Produces tough, abrasion resistant floors for improved durability
  • Low maintenance and replacement costs
  • Less up-front cost compared to alternative flooring systems, such as tile or carpet for example
More about Duro-Color
  • Contains ultra-fine nanoparticles of dye that penetrate deep and chemically react with calcium silicate in order to form a bond that locks color in and minimizes fading
  • Deep rich color transforms standard gray concrete into a unique, sustainable, high gloss, stain protected floor surface
  • Dilute easily with water, Duro-Nox LSC, Duro-Nox HSC or any VOC exempt solvent
  • Available in 18 standard colors that can be blended in order to create unlimited colors
  • Apply in multiple coats to achieve deep, rich colors with greater intensity
More about Duro-Nox LSC & Duro-Nox HSC
  • Penetrates deep into concrete to produce water insoluble calcium silicate hydrate gels that fill surface pores to densify, harden and also seal treated concrete floors
  • Hardens and increases the abrasion, impact and wear resistance of concrete floors in high traffic areas
  • Provides permanent protection to the depth of penetration
  • Densifies, strengthens, seals and also dustproofs soft of dusty concrete floors
More about Duro-Shield
  • Small in molecular size to allow deep penetration to provide a very hard, high gloss, non-slip and stain-resistant finish
  • Treated floors exhibit exceptional gloss, as well as long-lasting stain and UV protection to prevent fading of dyed floors
  • Does not require buffing
  • Increases slip resistance