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Dual Purpose Form Cleaner and Form Release Agent

Maintenance coating that minimizes fresh concrete hardening and softens existing buildup on forms.

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Form Clean is a petroleum-based form cleaner and release agent that chemically reacts with fresh concrete to prevent hardening while softening existing buildup on aluminum, steel, plastic, HDO, PSF and CBF plywood forms. Through repeated use, you can easily remove softened buildup with a power washer, making Form Clean a cost-effective alternative to abrasive blasting, acid washing and scraping.

When used on forms currently in service, Form Clean acts as both a maintenance coating and release agent, eliminating the need for additional form release product.

Applications for Form Clean

• When excessive concrete buildup becomes a problem on most form surfaces, such as aluminum, steel, plastic and HDO, PSF and CBF plywood

• Forms still in service or forms in storage

Advantages of this Form Cleaner and Release Agent

• Reduces concrete buildup when applied immediately after form removal

• Remove softened buildup with a power washer (excessive hardened buildup may require repeated use to soften it enough for power washing)

• Apply to forms in service to act as a release agent while also functioning as a maintenance coating

• Doubles as a form cleaner and release agent

• Softens buildup when applied to forms in storage

• More economical and less damaging than sandblasting, acid cleaning or scraping

• Sprayable even at temperatures below freezing

• Repeated use keeps forms free of concrete buildup

• Normal rainfall will not remove Form Clean

A $50 HazMat fee will be applied to Canadian orders of this product to cover hazardous freight costs.

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