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Multipurpose Form Cleaner Doubles as Release Agent and More

Highly chemically reactive multipurpose form cleaner is also a release agent, buildup and splatter remover, and seasoning compound.

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Four-Act multipurpose form cleaner is made up of a concentrated, petroleum-based, highly reactive formulation that chemically reacts with fresh concrete to prevent bonding and also softens buildup on existing concrete. Four-Act is ideal for softening concrete buildup on all types of concrete handling and placing equipment and aluminum forms. Use Four-Act in combination with Seasonox to help season aluminum forms. It can also be diluted for use as a form release agent.


  • Apply to aluminum form surfaces to remove the accumulation of hard concrete buildup.
  • All block, pipe, ready-mix and cement plants for cleaning and maintaining mixers, cement hoppers, conveyors, elevators, chutes, pallets, pipe rings and also hoist buckets.
  • On bridge and street paving machines, laser screeds, vibratory roller screeds, truss screeds, median barrier and curb slipform machines, strike-off augers, hoppers and slipforms.
  • On shoring, scaffolding and forming equipment and hardware, including post shores, scaffold frames and planks, aluminum deck beams and joists, column clamps, water rods and shebolts.
  • As a concrete buildup and splatter remover on screeds, trowels and other equipment, and also on forms to soften existing buildup.
  • With Seasonox on new aluminum forms to season form surfaces.
  • As a form release agent when diluted up to 1:10.

Advantages of this Multipurpose Form Cleaner

  • Consolidates four products into one in order to reduce inventory costs and number of products on the job site.
  • Uses for Four-Act: 1) Remover of concrete buildup and splatter on tools and equipment. 2) Remover of concrete buildup on forms. 3) A seasoning compound for new aluminum forms. 4) When diluted, a form release agent.
  • Is an effective seasoning agent for new aluminum forms.
  • Forms a protective barrier in order to prevent fresh concrete adhesion and buildup to treated surfaces.
  • Reacts chemically to soften concrete buildup on tools and equipment.
  • Immediate application reduces the accumulation of concrete buildup.
  • Prevents adhesion as well as buildup on treated surfaces.
  • Apply to aluminum forms in storage to soften buildup for easy removal with a power washer.
  • Reapply, if needed, for use as a release agent without the need for additional cleaning.
  • Apply as a release agent to forms currently in use to enjoy the added benefit of a maintenance coating.
  • Eliminates the need for chipping hammers as well as chisels and is far less damaging.
  • Won't harm rubber hoses or damage painted metal surfaces.
  • Concentrated petroleum-based formulation can be diluted up to 1:10 for use as a reactive form release agent.
  • Finally, does not wash off in the rain.
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