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Architectural Form Release Agent

Maximum performance, biodegradable, water-based, chemically active concrete architectural form release agent. Meets all federal and state VOC requirements.

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Architectural form release agent, Nox-Crete PCE is a high quality, water-based form release agent ideal for architectural projects. Once it dries, it forms a tough, transparent, wax-like film which welds to the form surface. When Nox-Crete PCE comes into contact with cement, it chemically reacts to form a soapy film that allows trapped air and free water to escape during vibration. As a result, when applied properly, the product produces a uniformly white architectural surface with substantially fewer surface voids.

Nox-Crete PCE complies with all federal and state VOC requirements, as well as California Air Quality Rule 1113 requirements, making it an ideal choice where governmental or use conditions prohibit petroleum or solvent vapors for health and safety reasons.

Applications for Nox-Crete PCE

• Steel, high density plastic, fiberglass, rubber, form liners

• HDO, PSF and CBF overlaid plywood forms

• Where form design creates extended surface area or shallow draft which may cause mechanical bonding/binding

• Where treated forms are subject to heavy rain, foot traffic or other adverse conditions prior to concrete placement

• With mix designs containing high amounts of fly ash, silica fume or high range water reducers

• Where governmental and/or use conditions prohibit petroleum or solvent vapors for health and/or safety reasons

Advantages of this Architectural Form Release Agent

• 100% biodegradable formation

• Produces uniformly white surfaces with fewer voids

• Provides maximum release and performance with low slump high density (LSHD) and/or superplasticized concrete mix designs

• Forms a non-slippery film that consequently prevents contamination of prestress cables

• Resists removal by heavy rain, foot traffic, running water and scouring

• Less sensitive to application rate variations

• Contains a corrosion inhibitor in order to help prevent flash rusting

• Reduces binding

• Non-staining

• Reduces form cleaning and maintenance costs

• Applicable to damp forms

• Meets all federal and state VOC requirements

• Green Engineered™ so that it's better for health and environment