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Concrete Resurfacing and Finishing Compound

Portland cement resurfacing and finishing compound ideal for tilt-up wall panel repairs. This patching compound dries in as little as 15 minutes.

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Additional Details

Portland cement-based resurfacing and finishing compound, Panel Patch features a smooth, grit-free consistency. Featheredge is achievable for smooth transitions and the product dries in as little as 15 minutes. Panel Patch incorporates a unique blend of Portland cement, acrylic polymer modifiers and ultra-fine aggregates to achieve a smooth textured, high strength patching, resurfacing and finishing compound.

Applications for Panel Patch

• Repair most minor surface defects on precast, tilt-up and cast-in-place concrete wall surfaces

• Repair air voids (bug holes), honeycombs, spalls, gouges, chips and scratches prior to painting

• Achieve perfectly smooth, featheredged transition repairs

Advantages of this Resurfacing and Finishing Compound

• Exceptional bond to concrete as well as masonry surfaces

• Ideal for featheredge to .5 inch patching depth

• Smooth, creamy consistency (no coarse grit)

• No gypsum

• Color blended to match concrete

• Dries in as little as 15 minutes

• Easy-to-use single component formulation

• Self-curing in most applications

Things to consider

Before you begin, verify that the surface to be patched is structurally sound and clean of all dust, dirt, oil, grease, bondbreakers, release agents and more. We recommend pretreating the surface with Bio-Clean followed by a minimum 3500 psi high pressure wash with water. Finally, mix the compound according to instructions and apply with a rubber float or steel trowel. Avoid overworking the surface. Also, do not add water to the surface being finished. Lastly, apply in the shade for best results.