Stack Cast Formwork System

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A Tilt-Up Stack Cast Formwork System allows contractors to stack cast tilt-wall panels.

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Panelware is an innovative and sustainable tilt-up formwork system for stack casting panels.
Panelware enables contractors to simply and easily form and pour multiple tilt-up panels onsite with reusable components and minimal to no waste. Panelware also allows panels to be formed with a higher degree of accuracy with a substantially lower cost when compared to traditional tilt-up forming methods.

More about Panelware

The Panelware Formwork System consists of aluminum rails and components, allowing for many years of constant use. This makes Panelware more cost-effective than using traditional wood formwork methods and ensures far greater accuracy & quality of production.

With this unique “climbing formwork” system the amount of formwork required to cast a stack of panels is far less than any other system or method, saving substantial costs in transportation, storage & handling of equipment.

Why Choose Panelware?
• No Lumber Required
• Fewer Crane Moves
• Flawless Floor Slab
• Eliminates Panel Face Imperfections
• Concrete Pumping Not Required






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