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Standard performance, general purpose, chemically and physically active concrete form release agent.

Provides a crisp, positive release. Reduces form cleaning and maintenance costs. Forms become self-cleaning with continued use

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Standard form release agent, Precast Release EL contains a physical barrier component, as well as chemically active compounds that react with lime (calcium hydroxide) present in fresh concrete. The reaction yields a slippery soap film on the form surface in order to prevent concrete sticking and improve form stripping.


• Precast Release EL is usable on most form surfaces, except foam or latex.

Advantages of this Standard Form Release Agent

• Provides a crisp, positive release.

• Reduces form cleaning and maintenance costs. Forms become self-cleaning with continued use.

• Resists removal by foot traffic and rain.

• Usable on forms previously treated with competitive form oils.

• Ready to use.

• Product has a low odor.

• Storable at below freezing temperatures.

• Sprayable down to 0° F (-18° C) (liquid temperature).

• Protects metal and wood forms from weather damage prior to pour.

• Will not stain concrete surfaces and concrete is paintable with adequate surface preparation.

• Use to coat concrete mixing and placing equipment to prevent concrete buildup.

• Non-staining form oil.

For extremely cold temperatures, use RA #10 450 or Precast Release #80 450.