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Shrinkage Compensated Construction Grout

Compensates for shrinkage and allows controlled expansion with maximum strength.

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Shinkage compensating construction grout, Precision Grout contains a special blend of shrinkage-compensating Portland cements and special mineral aggregates for controlled expansion and maximum strength. The special formulation makes Precision Grout ideal to grout voids and anchor heavy equipment, bolts and dowel bars.

Precision Grout is non-corrosive and doesn’t contain chlorides, so it won’t attack or damage steel reinforcement.


• Fill voids in poured-in-place concrete and as a bedding material underneath tilt-up and precast panels, beams and columns

• Set heavy equipment and machinery base plates

• Anchor bolts, dowels and reinforcing bars, as well as patching and caulking concrete pipe

Advantages of this Shrinkage Compensated Construction Grout

• Shrinkage compensated

• Ideal for feather edge to .5 inch patching depth

• Non-corrosive and also doesn’t contain chlorides

• Will not attack steel reinforcement

• Non-metallic

• Usable in plastic or flowable consistencies

• Easy to pump

• Complies with ASTM C1107 Grade C Combination Pre-Hardening as well as Post-Hardening Volume-Adjusting (Non-Shrink) Grout

• Finally, complies with CRD-C621

A Few Precautions

First of all, do not mix more grout than can be used within 30 minutes or less. Secondly, do not retemper mixed grout to restore workability. Do not add excessive amounts of water and do not apply to frozen substrates or at temperatures below 40 degrees. Also, avoid vibrating wet grout which can cause segregation and bleeding. Finally, do not add plasticizers, accelerators, retarders or additional cement.

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