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Cement Based Anchoring Product/Repair Mortar

Use for anchoring and repairing. Will not rust steel.

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Rapid Rock is a single component, expansive type, calcium aluminate cement based anchoring product that sets fast and doesn't shrink. This product is ready to set in under 20 minutes. Furthermore, it hardens quickly, developing excellent pull-out strength.


• Anchor bolts, rods, posts, railings or other fixtures into concrete

• Quickly repair static cracks, holes, voids and cavities in concrete and masonry

• Anchor heavy equipment as well as machinery into concrete

Advantages of this Cement Based Anchoring Product

• Minimum patching depth of .5 inch

• Develops high early strength

• Sets in 20 minutes

• Suitable for interior as well as exterior applications

• Once curing is complete, moisture has no affect

• Does not contain gypsum

• Pourable viscosity

• Does not contain chlorides and therefore will not rust steel

• Green Engineered™ in order to be better for health and the environment

Before applying Rapid Rock cement based anchoring product, remove all unsound concrete as well as grease, oil, dirt, laitance and other contaminants. Thoroughly saturate the concrete bonding area with water. Remove excess water and allow surface to dry slighting before placing grout. Note that holes should be at least 2 inches deeper and at least 1 inch later in diameter than embedded fixtures. Cavities and voids should be at least 1/2 inch deep. Mix the product according to directions and promptly pour mixture to avoid entrapment of air voids. Rapid Rock does not require special curing. In fact, air curing at ambient temperatures is all that's needed.

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