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Precast/Architectural Form Release Agent

High-performance precast form release agent creates architectural-grade surfaces.

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Precast form release agent, Release Agent #10, is a maximum performance, chemically active concrete form release agent specifically formulated for use on dense, non-absorptive forms.

Available Formulations:

100 g/L VOC: RA #10 - 100
250 g/L VOC: RA #10 - 250
450 g/L VOC: RA #10 - 450
<100 g/L VOC: RA #10 E (Water-Based)

Use Release Agent #10 on non-absorptive forms such as steel, plastic, fiberglass, HDO, PSF and CBF. Release Agent #10 reacts chemically with alkalis in concrete to produce a soapy film which allows trapped air and excess water to escape during vibration, minimizing surface voids and creating a uniform, architectural-grade finish. This release agent will not leave concrete build-up on the forms and therefore it provides a crisp, clean release.

Release Agent #10 is also ideal for precast operations where forms are used daily or under aggressive stripping schedules and architectural surfaces are the primary objective.

Advantages of this Form Release Agent

• Creates uniformly white, architectural-grade surfaces
• Greatly minimizes concrete surface voids
• Provides a crisp, positive release
• Fast drying
• Non-staining
• Minimizes form cleaning and maintenance costs because forms become self cleaning upon continued use
• Low viscosity, chemically active formulation allows for high coverage rates and reduced costs
• Reduced skin and odor irritations than traditional solvent or petroleum based release agents
• Does not impair natural bonding characteristics of paint or other coatings
• Contains a flash rust inhibitor that minimizes rust formation between pours
• Minimizes rust formation between pours
• Sprays easily at temperatures down to -30° F (-34° C)

Advantages of Release Agent #10 E (Water-Based)

• Low viscosity, chemically active formulation allows for applications at very light coverage rates, reducing costs
• Fast drying and non-slip when used on horizontal form surfaces
• Green Engineered™ - better for health and the environment
• VOC compliant in all 50 states and across Canada
• Essentially no odor