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Fast-Drying, Water-Based Tilt-Up Concrete Cure and Bondbreaker

This tilt-up concrete cure and bondbreaker meets moisture retention properties of ASTM C309 and all federal, state and Canadian VOC requirements.

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As a tilt-up concrete cure and bondbreaker, Silcoseal Select enhances the performance of other Silcoseal formulations. You'll experience faster dry times, improved emulsion stability, increased resistance to the osmotic effect and this cure and bondbreaker is not classified as hazardous material which reduces delivery costs and increases job site safety.

Silcoseal Select also functions as a quality curing compound. Independent tests concluded Silcoseal Select meets the moisture retention properties of ASTM C309 when applied to a steel troweled surface prepared in accordance with ASTM C156 and CEN/TS 14754.

Advantages of this Tilt-up Concrete Cure and Bondbreaker:

• Functions as both a bondbreaker and an ASTM C309 cure

• Increased resistance to Osmotic Effect, resulting in more uniform surface appearance

• Stays mixed longer than all other previous Silcoseal versions

• Leaves no residue or resulting staining on wall panel or casting slab

• Meets all current state, federal and Canadian VOC requirements

• Suitable for use as cure only when conventional resin based compounds are impractical

• Achieves a crisp, positive release that minimizes panel surface defects

• Reduces panel resurfacing and patching costs

• Contains no wax or hydrocarbon resins that can lead to paint or coating adhesion problems

• Meets moisture retention properties of ASTM C309 in certain applications

• Dries faster than previous Silcoseal versions

• Eliminates the need for a Hazardous Material label

• Excellent resistance to wash-off from normal rain showers

• Green Engineered™ for better health and the environment