Decorative Concrete

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Creates a lubricating barrier between freshly placed concrete and stamp mats and texture skins

Colorless, bubble gum scented liquid release agent for stamp mats, stencils, and other decorative concrete tools.

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Additional Details

Stamp Release creates a lubricating barrier between freshly placed concrete and decorative tools, including stamp mats and texture skins. Optional tint paks are available that can be added to Stamp Release for a decorative antique appearance.


• Use as a release agent on decorative concrete tools and stamping accessories.

• Ideal for applications where a powdered release is impractical to use.

• Colorless and pleasantly-scented Stamp Release is ideal for most decorative concrete applications.

Advantages of this Liquid Release Agent

• Economical, easy-to-use formula evaporates after use and requires minimal clean up.

• Lubricating barrier helps protect and prolong the life of stamping and texturizing tools.

• Reduces likelihood of excessive marking common to powder releases.

• Controlled drying provides ample working time-- even under extreme conditions.

• When properly applied, does not interfere with the color or texture or stamped concrete.

• Optional tint paks are available (four colors) that can be added to STAMP RELEASE to create an “antique” appearance.

• Does not interfere with the subsequent application of decorative sealers and coatings.

• Pleasant odor.

So what is Stamped Concrete?

Stamped Concrete patterns are becoming more and more popular year after year with new designs coming out every year. Stamped Concrete also known as Decorative Concrete is concrete that is stamped with a rubber/pvc pattern while the concrete is still pliable and before it fully cures. They usually resemble natural stone, brick, specialty patio paver type designs or other textured designs. Most commonly used on backyard patios, pool decks, pathways and sidewalks.

Stamped concrete is usually preferred over pavers because the concrete is one solid piece and usually has a smoother finish than pavers. The stamped and decorative concrete can then be sealed with an acrylic UV resistant product like Natraseal or Sparklseal for a long-lasting, durable finish with a gloss that is easy to clean and maintain.

Our liquid tint packs help bring out the depth and design of the concrete stamps and help bring out the full beauty of decorative and stamped concrete.