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Silane Sealer for Horizontal Concrete

Enjoy maximum protection against water-absorption and damage with this silane sealer for horizontal concrete.

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Stifel SC is Nox-Crete's top-performing silane sealer for horizontal concrete surfaces, such as bridges, parking decks, garages and other trafficable areas. Surfaces treated with Stifel SC are in effect guarded against damage from freeze/thaw cycles, deicing salts and the absorption of water – without modifying the surface appearance.

Stifel SC is a water-based and contains a premium silane, which has a molecular structure small enough to penetrate concrete up to ½ inch or more. Stifel SC then reacts with siliceous material to form a hydrophobic barrier that prevents water and waterborne chloride absorption. The SC formulation contains 15% active solids, and is therefore the highest quality Stifel sealer.

Stifel SC is safe and easy to use. Its single-component formulation is very low odor and has a high flash point (>200° F/100° C).


• Exterior horizontal trafficable or structural concrete surfaces such as bridges, parking decks, garages, ramps, traffic ways, cast-in-place concrete and precast concrete

• New or existing substrates

• Where conventional silanes containing hydrocarbon solvent carriers are not safe for use

Advantages of this Silane Sealer for Horizontal Concrete

• Unique silane goes into concrete rather than into the atmosphere

• Formulated with 15% active solids

• Meets all federal and state VOC requirements

• Allows treated surfaces to breathe naturally

• Guards against water and chloride ion-containing deicing salts

• Protects treated concrete from delamination and spalling

• Minimizes concrete freeze/thaw related surface scaling

• Substantially extends the serviceable life of concrete structures

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