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Commercial-Grade, Wall-Mounted Foaming Spray Pump for Spraying Ready-Mix trucks and Other Large Equipment.

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The Wall-Mounted Power Foamer is specifically designed to produce and propel a thick, rich foam long distances or high into the air. The foam clings to vertical surfaces and reaches hard to reach places, maximizing the performance of Kem-Ex-It Plus and Blast-Off Concrete Buildup and Splatter Remover. The Power Foamer is ideal for use on ready mix concrete trucks and other pieces of large equipment.

The Power Foamer consists of a water intake, air intake and two product intakes. Water dilutes the products while the pressurized air quickly turns the product into a foam. Users can then apply the foam using the included wand.

Advantages of this Wall Mounted Power Foamer

• Powerful design ideal for large equipment and trucks
• Includes air intake, water intake and two product intakes
• Easy-to-use wand included
• Produces a thick, rich foam

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