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Citrus-based concrete stripper with citrus and pine scent

Concentrated and biodegradable concrete stripper. Complies with Consumer Products VOC regulations when diluted 2:1.

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Citrus based concrete stripper Bio-Clean Plus is a powerful, water-dilutable stripper with a formulation to deeply penetrate concrete floor and wall surfaces. The result is safe and effective removal of most surface contaminants. Use it to remove most curing compounds, tilt-up bondbreakers, paints and coatings. Bio-Clean Plus’s fast-acting formulation also removes bondbreaker and curing compound residue. Lastly, after cleaning, all that remains is a pleasant citrus and pine scent.

Bio-Clean Plus is Green Engineered™ and meets all federal and state VOC requirements. This product is Consumer Products Compliant and also complies with VOC regulations for use in California, LADCO, OTC and Canada.

Applications for Bio-Clean Plus

• New and existing interior or exterior concrete floor and wall surfaces
• Remove/strip bondbreaker or curing compound residue prior to application of other floor or wall treatments, coverings or coatings
• Strip or remove unsightly, scratched or worn out floor paints and coatings

Advantages of this Solvent Based Concrete Stripper

• Meets federal and state VOC requirements
• Contaminants remove quickly due to the fast-acting formula
• Thorough removal as a result of deep penetration
• Removes bondbreaker and curing compound residue
• Easily diluted, super-concentrated formula
• Dilute with water according to specific needs
• 100% biodegradable, non-toxic therefore safer and more effective than other conventional solvent based strippers
• High solvency and slow drying formulation thereby ensuring deep penetration as well as thorough removal of all coating residue
• Pleasant citrus and pine scent

Please note: Bio-Clean Plus must be diluted to a minimum of 2:1 (2 parts Bio-Clean Plus to 1 part water) to comply with the Consumer Products VOC requirement for paint remover or stripper in California, Utah, LADCO, OTC and Canada clean air districts.

A $50 HazMat fee applies to Canadian orders of this product to cover hazardous freight costs.