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Clay Fired Brick Form Release Agent

Prevents the adhesion of concrete mortar to treated brick surfaces.  Comes in 5 gallon pail.

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Brick Release is a clay-fired brick form release agent. It is a superior, cost-efficient alternative to traditional brick waxing, which can leave surfaces stained with wax residue as well as precast plants damaged from post-cleaning wax runoff.

Wax removal requires very hot water – up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. In cold climates, sustaining that temperature is nearly impossible. Wax left behind stains surfaces. In addition, removed wax can clog plant drainage systems, leading to potentially costly maintenance.

Brick Release avoids those complications. Its chemically active formulation reacts with lime present in concrete to create byproducts that prevent the adhesion of concrete to brick surfaces. The result is a crisp, clean release that creates finished surfaces devoid of concrete residue. In other words, no wax needed.

To increase performance, Brick Release’s high viscosity formulation allows satisfactory surface film formation while minimizing the potential for the product to run down onto brick edges.

Brick Release applies easily with a roller or an airless sprayer and removes readily with a pressure washer.


• As an alternative to wax in preventing concrete mortar adhesions to clay fired brick

• Specifically designed for use with thin brick veneer systems utilized in tilt-up and precast construction

Advantages of this Clay Fired Brick Form Release Agent

• High viscosity formulation ensures good surface film formation while minimizing the potential for the product to run into brick edges where it should not be

• Wax-free formulation

• Superior and also less expensive alternative to wax treatments

• Easy to apply as well as quick to dry

• Low VOC content

• Residue is easy to remove

• Compatible with silane, siloxane, and silicone water-repellent sealers

• Always protect Brick Release from freezing.

A $50 HazMat fee applies to orders of this product to cover hazardous freight costs.