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Silicate Based Curing Compound

Non-membrane forming, silicate based curing compound makes it simple to apply future coatings.

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As a silicate based curing compound, Bro-Cure chemically reacts with new and old concrete to cure, harden and dustproof without changing the normal concrete surface texture.

An economical curing compound, Bro-Cure reacts with fresh concrete to cure due to densifying the surface without changing the normal concrete surface texture. Furthermore, Bro-Cure leaves no residue which could interfere with the bonding of subsequent surface treatments, eliminating the need for mechanical or chemical removal.

Bro-Cure does not change concrete surface texture, so slipping and skidding is minimized. It also sprays easily and contains a red fugitive dye for easy, uniform application. Use on new or existing concrete that is to receive additional surface treatments.

Also, Bro-Cure does not meet membrane forming requirement of ASTM C 309.

Advantages of this Silicate Based Curing Compound

• Meets all federal and state VOC requirements

• Economical choice, less costly than membrane cures

• Increases compressive strength and reduces surface crazing and cracking

• Contains a red fugitive dye for easy, uniform application

• Leaves no residue and won't impair adhesion of subsequent surface applications

• Concrete surface is not affected minimizing skidding and slipping

• Improves concrete's resistance to acidic compounds and staining

• Sprays easily

• Contains no hydrocarbon solvents

• Meets DIN EN 1504-2 Bond Pull-Off Strength requirements and does not interfere with natural bonding properties of concrete

• Green Engineered™ to be better for health and the environment