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General Form Release Agent

Economical, ready-to-use form release agent for use on most form surfaces.

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Chembeton is a standard performance, general purpose form release agent

Available Petroleum Based Formulations:

• 100 g/L VOC: Chembeton 100
• 250 g/L VOC: Chembeton 250
• 450 g/L VOC: Chembeton 450

Chembeton is a hybrid form release agent that combines both chemically-active and barrier type release properties for a crisp, positive release. This formula is ready to use upon delivery and can be used year-round due to the fact that it's formulated for easy spraying in cold weather, Chembeton is ready to use upon delivery. The petroleum-based formulation dries fast and resists wash off.

Use Chembeton on most form surfaces with the exception of foam and soft rubber forms. Chembeton is ideal for use on plywood-faced handset forms, B-B plywood, steel and aluminum, and can be used on forms previously treated with form oil.

Using this product not only gives you great looking results but it also will reduce the cost of form cleaning and maintenance because repeated use makes your forms self-cleaning. You can also use Chembeton to coat concrete mixing and placing equipment to prevent concrete splatter and accumulation of buildup.

Advantages of this Form Release Agent

• Provides a crisp, positive release
• Resistant to removal by foot traffic and rain
• Usable on forms previously treated with competitive  form oils
• Ready-to-use formula requires no dilution
• Low odor with a pleasant pine scent
• Storing at or below freezing temperatures is acceptable
• Formulated for easy spraying, even in cold weather (for extreme cold temperatures, we recommend Release Agent #10 or Nox-Crete Form Coating)

• Meets all federal, state and Canadian VOC requirements (excludes SCAQMD of California)
• Apply up to 3 weeks in advance of concrete pour
• No wait time to stack treated forms
• Protects metal and wood forms from weather damage when used prior to pour
• Will not stain concrete surfaces and concrete will be paintable with proper prep
• Economical