Clean Line Reveal Extruded PVC Rustication Strips

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Standard and custom extruded high density PVC reveal for the tilt-up and precast markets.

Standard and custom extruded high density PVC reveal for creating design details in tilt-up and precast structures like never before.

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***Note: For pricing and availability of Clean Line Reveal rustication strips, please contact Nox-Crete's customer service at: or 402.341.2080.

Advantages to using Clean Line Reveal Rustication Strips

• Lightweight & Durable - Are a fraction of the weight of wood, but very durable and unaffected by climatic changes.

• Easy Installation/Fastening - Secure in place with spray adhesive or double side tape.

• Clean Release - Remain attached to floor slab and therefore eliminating costly rental equipment, labor and patch work for repairs.

• Uniform Finish - Clean release from the wall leaves an incredibly smooth and uniform finish unlike wood.

• Eliminates Retardation - Wood reveals contain sugars that can leach from the wood resulting in retardation and discoloration of the concrete. Clean Line Reveal Strips eliminate this concern.

• Cost Savings - Reduced labor because of clean release from wall, elimination of priming and sanding, and minimized wall and slab repairs.

• Easy Fabrication - Cut reveals in the field with any circular/miter saw.

• Easy Removal - Floor scrapers will easily remove the reveals.

Install Clean Line Reveal rustication strips in 4 easy steps!

1. Cut CLR strips to the desired size using a miter saw.

2. Thoroughly clean the area with alcohol or similar cleaner before gluing down.

3. Using construction adhesive, glue Clean Line Reveal strips into place.

4. Finally, press into place, let the glue dry and you're ready to pour.

Clean Line Reveal rustication strips are available in a variety of profiles for all of your design needs.

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