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Venturi Mixing and Dilution Device

Ideal for Nox-Crete’s super-concentrated form release agents.

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The Mix Station is a venturi mixing device specifically designed to simultaneously mix and dilute Nox-Crete super concentrated form release agents, providing consistent, reliable dilution ratios and eliminating labor-related mixing as well as diluting errors

The Mix Station mounts to the 2-inch bung opening of a 55-gallon drum or a 275-gallon tote. Pressurized water connects to the feed line side of the venturi mixing chamber and the pickup tube inserts into the concentrated form release agent. Following proper dilution and mixing, product  discharges at the rate of 2.0 gpm into a sprayer tank or transfer vessel.


• Specifically for diluting and mixing Nox-Crete's super concentrated form release agents such as Alumi-Con, and Pro-Release Concentrate

• Commercial and residential concrete forming contractors

• In shop applications when diluting concentrated form release agents with water and discharging into portable spray tanks or transfer vessels

Advantages of this Venturi Mixing Device

• Provides accurate, dependable dilution and mixing performance

• Various mixing plugs allow for infinite dilution ratios consequently fine tuning release agent performance to match the specific application

• Low-maintenance venturi design contains no moving parts

• Built-in water feed line regulator assures consistent dilution performance irrespective of water pressure

• Eliminates labor-related dilution and mixing errors

• High volume mixing chamber allows for a 2.0 gpm flow rate

• Allows for mixing only the amount of release agent necessary for immediate use which minimizes emulsion stability problems common with ready-to-use products

• All parts are resistant to form release agent chemical attack in order to provide years of trouble-free service

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