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Pigmented Polyurethane Wood Sealer

Coats wood or steel to create uniformly smooth, planar concrete surfaces and extends the life of plywood forms.

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Pre-Form HB is a pigmented polyurethane wood sealer that chemically bonds with surfaces, forming a hard, durable coating. In effect, that coating improves the appearance of formed concrete surfaces and extends the life of plywood forms. The chemical bond creates uniformly smooth, planar concrete surfaces as a result of covering imperfections, rough surfaces and screw holes.

Pre-Form HB is ideal for use on plywood or other wood forms to achieve consistently smooth concrete with uniform color. Furthermore, the concrete is without grain pattern telegraphing or wood sugar related concrete retardation or dusting.


• In gang plywood forming applications to create planar and monolithic concrete surfaces

• On precast plywood forming tables

• In precast operations in order to seal plywood fill-ins for extending steel and fiberglass forms

• To resurface worn or damaged handset plywood forms

• To resurface badly pitted steel forms in architectural precast applications

Advantages of this Pigmented Polyurethane Wood Sealer

• Great extends plywood form life as compared to those used with clear sealers

• Resurfaces pitted steel forms

• Reduces form costs where design requires dense, sound, uniformly colored concrete

• Reduces costs where extended panel reuse is required

• Minimizes rough, porous, exceedingly dusty concrete surfaces

• Reduces and often eliminates patching and sacking of formed concrete surface imperfections

• Meets all federal and state VOC requirements

• Allows use of lower-cost plywood and in effect reducing forms cost

• Superior resistance to vibrator burns

• Self-leveling and is also easily repaired

• Typically tack-free in 4-6 hours