Attachment Embeds

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Attachment embeds for concrete buildings

***Note:For pricing and availability of TigerLoc™ attachment embeds, please contact Nox-Crete’s customer service at: or 402.341.2080.***

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Additional Details

Advantages to using TigerLoc™ attachment embeds:
• Durability—TigerLoc™ will not rot or corrode fasteners, which minimizes the need for maintenance and repairs of your building.
• Quality—TigerLoc™ provides properly constructed details that ensures efficiency and superior building performance.
• Efficiency—TigerLoc™ provides faster on-site installation and better energy performance in your building.
Save Energy—TigerLoc™ ensures that your building envelope is maximizing energy performance.
• Save Time—TigerLoc™ installs quickly and accommodates fast installation of door and window frames with no pre-drilling.
• Save Money—TigerLoc™ streamlines site installation time, while lowering building energy operating costs.

Additional Benefits

• Provides a fire resistant barrier to insulation located within concrete assemblies.
• Health hazards associated with drilling into concrete and producing silica dust are minimized.
• Saves cost by eliminating the need to have your insulation custom cut for openings in insulated concrete assemblies.
• Provides 4 times the insulating value of treated wood.
• Window and door frames can be attached to TigerLoc™ allowing for a faster installation schedule.
• Unlike treated wood Tigerloc™ will not rot, warp, twist or react chemically with frames or fasteners.
• Complete separation for concrete wythes can be maintained ensuring that cracking associated with differences in thermal movement is eliminated.


TigerLoc™ is designed for simple and quick installation, as it can be easily cut and installed with standard tools found on any construction site.